8 Best Espresso Machine Under 2000 in 2021

Espresso machines are good for all coffee-lovers, especially those who prefer rich, dark, and delicious cups of this caffeinated goodness. But achieving a perfect cup of coffee like that from a coffee cafe at home is a hard task.

With the help of the best espresso machine under 2000, you will not only be able to get that creamy perfection at home but a reasonable budget as well!

After extensive research, I have found some of the best espresso machines that are affordable, easy to use, and produce a good cup of coffee. These types of espresso equipment are designed with very high-quality components that will help to use them for a longer time. 

Although the name indicates that it is an espresso machine, you can use it to make all your favorite coffee beverages. Cappuccinos, Americanos, Macchiatos – you name it and the machine makes it! When coffee is made so easy and delicious, what else do you need?

List Of Best Espresso Machine Under 2000 in 2021

1: Saeco Xelsis Super Automatic Espresso Machine

First up is the Saeco Xelsis super-automatic espresso machine that is among the best automatic espresso machines in the market. It is the highest quality espresso machine due to its amazing construction and unremarkable durability. The Aqua-Clean filter, along with 15 coffee options, ensures the best output.


These grinders are made of high-quality, long-lasting ceramics that will last a decade. The preventative heating design guarantees that the beans are gently ground without overheating. The result is that the best flavors and aromas will extract that deliver a delicious coffee taste. 

The AquaClean water filter is installed to improve the quality of your water by 99% to give you the best-flavored coffee. The water is deeply cleaned through a longer route before it enters the coffee. In this manner, it denotes that you will receive the most hygienic and safe coffee imaginable!

Multiple Modes

If you’re looking for less hassle, be done with a single click of a button with the help of this automatic espresso machine. Thus, 15 different options will help you conjure up 15 different types of coffee drinks. 

Ease of use

How amazing would it be if you could have cafe-style coffee without leaving the comfort of your home? Simply adjust the drink features you want via the touch screen. The coffee equalizer is one of its kind as it lets you customize all the features of a basic coffee drink. 

You can change the coffee’s endurance, intensity, temperature, flavor, milk foam percentage, volume, and even the coffee and milk purchase. Well, I love the way it allows you to craft your coffee the way you prefer.

Extra traits

The machine has configurable profiles, since there are fewer than the previous machines’ eight profiles, with only six. Simply enter your coffee preferences, and the intelligent system will recognize them for future use.

  • Easy touchscreen control
  • Updated hygiesteam system
  • Compact and easy-to-clean unit
  • Has refined ergonomics that give comfort
  • Drip tray scratches easily
  • Low temperature

2: De’Longhi Eletta Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine

The next is the De’longhi Aletta digital super-automatic espresso machine. The integrated burr, the second chamber, and the digital display are what mark this product different from the rest. The compactness of the product saves your space and gives you the best coffee with the least effort!

Let’s check out more of the Delonghi features below.


The integrated burr grinder that has adjustable settings grinds fresh beans every time which is exactly why I like this coffee maker. This maintains the freshness of your beverage which is a plus along with the second chamber that allows you to pre-grind before brewing.

The De’Longhi LatteCrema Process delivers beautifully textured coffee beverages with velvety pleasures on the upper edge and throughout. It achieves this with thick, rich, long-lasting foam throughout every cup without fail!


One thing about DeLonghi is its user-friendliness seen by the ease of programming which lest you decide your drink easily. You can temper with temperature, strength, as well as the milk-to-espresso ratio. The machine feeds in all the details and remembers them for further use.

Ease of use

Since the machine is automatic, it does not require much hassle like other semi-automatic espresso machine makers. You simply have to press a button and be surprised to find out that the machine does the rest, with consistency – providing optimum satisfaction. The digital panel consisting of all the controls is super easy to locate and use.

Extra traits

Besides that, the compact and extractable brew unit is easy to clean and small which saves storage space. The machine self-adjusts for one or two shots of espresso without being programmed specifically.

  • Easy to clean and handle
  • Has an affordable price point
  • One-touch intuitive display
  • Results are always consistent
  • Does not operate well with oily beans

3: Gaggia Babila Espresso Machine

The Gaggia Babila espresso machine is one of a kind with its efficient design and variety in texturing the milk. The one-touch function lets you choose between 8 different options which is why the product is so in-demand.


Simply press a button, and the detachable auto-cleaning carafe will assist in the preparation of milk-based drinks while ensuring maximum efficiency. The milk can be textured any way you want with the Gaggia Babila that lets you make the beverage of your dreams. Now you can get even the frothiest cappuccino in the comfort of your home.


The one-touch option of the Gaggia Babila espresso machine allows you to program up to 8 drinks like cappuccinos and latte macchiatos, even basic black coffees are accessible.

The ceramic burr grinder and bypass doser enable you to work with whole beans as well as pre-ground coffee. The ample amount of features let you personalize your drinks to your preference. Furthermore, the features are completely customizable to provide you the comfort of usage.

Ease of use

Just imagine how concerned Gaggia is that the Babila espresso machine even has a height-adjustable telescopic coffee dispenser. It helps you to fill any 3 or 6-inch cup and take it with you on the go! If this doesn’t make you feel like you are in a coffee shop then I’m not sure what else would.

Extra traits

Creating various densities would also be a breeze now as the espresso machine allows you to control the extraction speeds. This helps you to make a solid espresso or a smoother, wider beverage without over-extracting it.

  • One-touch cappuccinos
  • Tall spouts ensure efficiency
  • Stainless accents add to the durability
  • Does not have a timer

4: Breville Dynamic Duo Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

If there is one product that screams attention to detail, it is the Breville Dynamic duo dual boiler espresso machine. This best espresso grinder under $2000 has all the features to give you the richest cup of coffee including the digital temperature control as well as the dosing iQ technology.


The unit is well-built, with dual stainless-steel heaters and a heating group head that is operated by a digital temperature controller. This specifically heats water to the optimal temperature for extracting optimum flavor, shot after shot – just the greatest for you!


An intelligent Dosing IQ system has been installed, allowing you to switch and program grinding time in 0.2-second increments, giving you complete power. Furthermore, the machine features 60-unique settings along with the Smart Grinder Pro that maximizes the potential of any brew. You can now get the best brew! 

Ease of use

The machine also has a smart steam wand like most other espresso makers, only much cheaper, and is powered by powerful dedicated boilers. These enhance convenience by delivering a micro-foam texture similar to that generated by commercial machines in seconds! Make latte art at home to bring out your inner artist.

Extra traits

Additionally, the machine allows you to achieve a consistent and balanced espresso as it estimates the exact amount of coffee beans or ground coffee needed. It even comes with portafilters that extract the best flavors even with a regular mix.

  • Powerful boilers
  • Consistent and balanced results
  • Affordable price point
  • Loud noisy process

5: Delonghi super-automatic espresso coffee machine

This Delonghi ultra-automatic espresso coffee maker is another Delonghi invention and is regarded as the most immeasurable best super-automatic espresso machine. Giving you two cups of rich, high-quality coffee at once, you can enjoy as much coffee as you’d like within seconds!


This unit is super-automatic with a power higher than light itself, considering it makes coffee in less than 3 minutes. It has 2 filters that fill two cups at a time – in a single brewing cycle, and the intuitive controls are right at the front. The whole design is in black and will match any kind of interior effortlessly. 


Since noise is the last thing you want in the morning, this automated system produces no noise while it runs. This coffee grinder has 13 adjustable grinding settings as well as a milk frother. It even has an electronic temperature control with the pre-brewing technology. 

Furthermore, the top-of-the-line Delonghi bean-to-cup brews allow you to get barista-quality coffee within seconds!

Ease of use

As they claim, the more the merrier, which is exactly what refers to the Delonghi Caffe Corso’s plethora of functions. The manual frothing unit and the telescoping spigot are what mark this product as different from the bean hopper.

Extra traits

Making coffee is easy but the real headache comes when it’s time to clean. With the automatic cleaning system, that descales, cleans, and rinses with special programs fed to help make work easier, this won’t be a problem anymore.

  • Has a 12-month warranty
  • Easy to clean service
  • Professional rich result
  • Impossible to make a large cup

6: La Pavoni PC-16 Professional Espresso Machine

LaPavoni PC-16 Espresso machine is in the market for its durability and strong construction. The machine is super detail-oriented and has installed some of the best features to guarantee the use of a lifetime.


If there is one brand that screams durability, it is LaPavoni. Their espresso model is crafted of chrome-plated brass and is designed to last a decade, allowing you to make coffees until you pass away. The espresso machine’s framework is designed of metal and is incredibly effective to support it achieve its pledge.

The LaPavoni also has wooden triggers and is triple bronze and metal-plated from the outside. A thin coating has been added to the inside of the framework to avoid humidity and corrosion issues, as well as discoloration. The large boiler inside ensures that limescale deposits have almost zero effect which results in minimum maintenance.


There aren’t a lot of installed features that enable you to make different coffees through built-in settings so you will have to fumble around a bit. However, if you are a true coffee enthusiast then that won’t be a problem! 

The machine allows you to pull up to sixteen 2 ounce cups of espresso on a single cycle. The number of hots can be selected between 1 or 2. The boiler can also switch on and off continuously, with a boiler pressure range of 1 to 7 bars.

Ease of use

The machine looks like a complicated mess however the easiest to use is. Simply raise the lever and let physics take its course as the piston is pushed. What happens is that the water under pressure infuses the coffee smartly into the filter holder easily.

The lever is then lowered and the piston forces the water passing through the coffee filter into the cup extracting all the rich goodness. This mechanism ensures that you will be master of the speed guaranteeing a perfect cup of rich coffee.

Extra traits

The machine is also fitted with a steam jet for the preparation of hot drinks, a manometer for checking the boiler, and an automatic cappuccino option. All these features ensure the perfect drink within seconds no matter what you need!

  • Attractive classic design
  • Large capacity makes more coffee
  • Steaming capabilities are remarkable
  • Awkward position of steamer wand

7: Jura E6 Automatic Coffee Center

The Jura E6 automatic coffee center is the talk of the town because of its high-quality construction, cheap price, and noiseless operation. The sleek cutting of the beans is the highlight of this best coffee maker under 2000.


With the Jura Aroma + Grinder, your coffee will be ready in half the time it previously took. What has all my attention and heart is the fact that this Jura automatic grinder is noiseless. It is the quietest grinder on the market that will ensure a perfect cup in seconds. 

Also, the flavor of the coffee is one you would never have tasted before even when using the same mix. This is due to the different cutting angles of the grinder rarely found in any other product.


Till now, you might have seen that personalized coffees aren’t a hard task with these espresso makers. This is especially evident in the Jura E6 with which you can customize until your ideal is formed. 

The dose, the beans, the speed of the water, everything can be controlled and coordinated just the way you like it with the single press of a button!

Ease of use

The display of the coffee maker looks so neat, crisp, and inviting. I’m in wonder of how user-friendly the whole process is because the machine is so quick and intuitive. A rotary dial is installed with which you can scroll through the options to find the deal of your choice. 

The display will also indicate whenever something is out of place or the water needs to be refilled or changed. Making coffee has indeed never been simpler!

Extra traits

You won’t even have to need any additional accessories to get a steaming frothy cup of cappuccino.  You need not do much but simply select the option and you will be presented with the creamiest coffee you have yet to witness!

You can even select between fine foam to airy to suit different preferences or moods with the help of your smartphone. The new Jura technology allows you to communicate through your smartphone and select different functions like milk texture, temperature, and much more!

  • Customizable settings can be saved
  • Energy-saving mode increases efficiency
  • Every large water chamber
  • Easy to set up
  • Low milk temperature

8: La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi II Espresso Machine

The last product on my list is the La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi II espresso machine, indeed one of a kind, let’s find out why. If you’re looking for powerful performance in a small package, this is your pick. From the design to the built-in boilers, everything in this coffee-maker will scream perfection.


The Vivaldi Mini has the classic carafe look, giving your counter all the coffee-house vibes. The machine consists of ample supplies including a steam wand, knobs, an LED display, and of course, the legendary vintage drip tray. 

The machine’s stainless-steel structure is coated in plastic, which renders it more robust. For added reliability, it must be cleaned properly and away from heated objects. 

This unit is made of commercial-level utilization and is designed to last for a lifetime, giving it a perfect score on the reliability scale.


The Vivaldi II Mini features automatic PID temperature control that lets you control the amount of heat hence ensuring a perfect cup. The preset settings are fed in the machine, guaranteeing the same taste every single time. 

The volumetric dosage can be controlled as well digitally along with the temperature and pressure. This allows you to also control the intensity of the flavor of your shot.

Ease of use

The use as you read is pretty easy and the cleaning is even easier with no complications involved at all. It does require a little labor because you do need to work with detergent and water by soaking it inside for an hour and a half before washing with warm water.

The inside can be cleaned equally easily, simply pour the detergent in, about 3 grams and give it a go for 5-10 minutes. Rinse the basket next and allow the machine’s steam to soak up any remaining water for around 5 minutes. Manual cleaning of coffee machines has never been easier!

Extra traits

The Vivaldi II Mini comes with a pre-infusion chamber that extracts the most amount of flavor out of the coffee. The coffee is made with the best quality extraction process where the beans are pre-wet inside the group head before the brewing process begins. 

Besides that, it allows you to keep the filler at a mid-category, allows you to easily manage it, which is particularly beneficial for latte artists.

  • High-quality materials used for construction
  • Steam boiler with high capacity
  • Has a water-level indicator
  • Compact design saves space
  • No manual control over temperature
  • No grinder installed


The best espresso machine under 2000 will be a cheap and easy solution to satisfy your coffee-house style coffee cravings. 

In this article, I have shortlisted the top 8 espresso machines under 2000 that will make the richest cup of coffee ever. My favorite one amongst these was the Gaggia Babila espresso machine because of its ease of use.

Please feel free to share my post and provide suggestions in the comments section below!


  1. Are cheap espresso machines worth it?

Although I would want nothing more than to find the cheapest espresso machine it is just not worth the risk. Oftentimes you may find a promising espresso machine for the low cost however with time you will find out that the quality is really low. 

  1. Which is better, French press or espresso?

If you need a personal machine, always go for an espresso maker however if you need one for larger quantities, a French press is a way to go. Also for delicacies like cappuccinos and Americanos, use espresso.

  1. How long will an espresso machine last?

An espresso machine will last anywhere from 5 to 15 years but it is highly influenced by the brand and type of your coffee machine. Also how much you use it and the condition you use it in matters largely as well.

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